About Chloe

I began karting in 2013 when I was 7 years old, although I wasn’t old enough to race. The North of Scotland Kart Club in Golspie, however, would allow me to go out with the cadets for Saturday practice. I then started to compete at the East of Scotland Kart Club in Crail the following year, and was awarded their Newcomer award for the season. The next two years I continued with cadet racing at the ESKC, finishing 3rd and 2nd in the club championship.

When I turned 11 in 2017 I moved up a class to Minimax, and loved the speed of the two stroke Rotax engine. This was the same year I won the ESKC championship in Minimax non-MSA and was also the Most Improved Minimax Driver of The Year. I stayed in a Minimax for the 2018 season, and we travelled to a few other tracks to gain more experience.

My 2019 Season

During 2019 I took part in races at all 5 of the Scottish tracks, as well as going to Cumbria Kart Club in Rowrah where I finished 2nd. I also competed in the ESKC Championship and led from the start of the season in April, and had two wins with a few other podium places. I also finished 2nd overall in the NSKC Championship, and 3rd in Grampian. I was the only driver across all classes to podium in all 3 championships.

At the Scottish Motor Racing Club 2019 awards night, I was chosen to be an SMRC Rising Star and the youngest to be given this award and a fantastic opportunity. They decided to include one kart racer within their program, and I am honoured to have been presented with this.

My 2020 Season

I started 2020 with a nomination from the BWRDC for their Junior GoldStar Award, with my win announced at the Autosport International Show. I was honoured to be presented with this award, especially looking to my fellow nominees and their achievements. Following this, Knockhill gave me the opportunity to become the youngest driver to gain a Motorsport UK Junior Racing Driver License in Scotland! I learned to drive a car at Knockhill one afternoon, and after a few practice sessions I successfully passed my ARDs test aged 13 – this felt incredible.

Two weeks later, the country went into lockdown and, like everyone, my plans were put on hold. When racing re-started in July, the Scottish Super Series had been cancelled, and my focus became the NKF and CKRC Championships in Rowrah, which I hadn’t competed in before. I finished the NKF Championship in 3rd place, and won the CKRC Championship – I am so proud of this moment.

I closed the 2020 season with the BWRDC again, as they announced I was their Kart Sport Champion.

Coming into 2021, Vroom Magazine announced I had won their Best Outsider Award, voted by their readers.

In 2022, I will be competing in the new GB4 Championship with Graham Brunton Racing in association with Laser Tools Racing as I embark on my single seater career path.

Graham Brunton Racing has a huge amount of experience in single seater racing and are based at Knockhill race circuit.

Notable Achievements

• 2014 ESKC Cadet Championship Best Newcomer

• 2015 ESKC Cadet Championship 3rd Place Non-MSA

• 2016 ESKC Cadet Championship 2nd Place Non-MSA

• 2017 ESKC MiniMax Club Champion

• 2017 ESKC MiniMax Driver of The Year

• 2018 ESKC MiniMax Championship 2nd Place Non-MSA

• 2018 CKC MiniMax Championship 3rd Place

• 2018 CKC MiniMax O Plate Champion

• 2018 CKC MiniMax Junior Driver of The Year

• 2019 ESKC Junior Club Champion

• 2019 NSKC Junior Championship 2nd Place

• 2019 GKC Junior Championship 3rd Place

• 2019 Scottish Championship 6th & Best Novice

• 2019 ASKC’s Scottish Female Driver of the Year Award

• 2019 Northern Challenge 2nd Place

• 2019 GKC Junior Driver Award

• 2019 NSKC Ben Bhraggie Shield; Best Female Driver of The Year

• 2019 NSKC Ironside Shield; Best Rookie Driver of The Year

• 2019 Scottish Motor Racing Club Rising Star

• 2019 BWRDC Barbara E Bird Trophy recipient

• 2020 BWRDC Junior GoldStar

• Youngest Driver to gain a Motorsport UK Junior Racing Driver License (2020)

• 2020 NKF Championship 3rd Place

• 2020 CRKC Rowrah Junior Club Champion

• 2020 BWRDC Kart Sport Champion

• 2021 JSCC Scholarship Winner