Gave it everything I had at Silverstone, but it wasn’t our weekend.

We started out strong with great pace throughout Thursday’s test, but the car went back the way from there as we seemed to lose the pace we worked so hard to gain the following day. This struggle continued into Saturday and we qualified last. Usually this would just put us on the back foot for a race, but qualifying is absolutely crucial on Silverstone GP.

This was really difficult to take, especially after the results we achieved at the previous round at Snetterton.

Photography: Jakob Ebrey

We still went into race one giving it everything we had, but knew there was an issue with the car. After debriefing, the team wasn’t able to find the issue and we went into Sunday scratching our heads.

Of course, race two suffered the same, and over the lunch break the team found we had damage to the end of the driveshaft.

After resolving this, we were able to close the gap in pace during race three, but felt we’d lost the opportunity to really prove what we were capable of here.

Photography: Jakob Ebrey

I’m forever grateful to be able to race and be given the chance to work hard at what I love. I can only thank the people around me and those who support me on this journey. It wouldn’t be possible without Laser Tools Racing, John Clark Motor Group, Workflo Solutions, the BWRDC, Charlie Reid PT, and my family behind me.

Photography: Jakob Ebrey