With a little snowfall during the week, testing across Thursday and Friday was challenging in the slippy conditions. However, we continued to put the laps in and it was helpful to get to grips with the handling of the car in those conditions – I’m sure we’ll need those notes at some point this season! But it cleared up for Friday’s afternoon session where I was able to push the car further. 

By Saturday I had made steady progress and had confidence in the cold, dry conditions. I qualified 11th on pace with the cars in front, so I had a clear plan of what to achieve in race one. 

In race one I made places up to P8, however, a mistake of my own cost me a few positions and I finished where I started. 

Photographer: Darren Hurrell

We had another shot at this on Sunday in race two, where I finished P8 from P11, continuing to close the gap in front. 

I started race three from P11 again, however, I went into an overtake too hot and unfortunately made contact. Mine was the only car damaged here and meant I had to retire from the race. It wasn’t the result we were hoping for, and it certainly doesn’t reflect the hard work from the team and myself during the week/end. 

I’ve taken away a lot of learning, making steady progress to get up to pace. The changing conditions have also given me a broader understanding of the car all within four quick days.

Photographer: Darren Hurrell

I’m looking forward to round two of the  championship at Oulton Park – a circuit I haven’t visited before, which I’ll be practicing over the next two weeks at home.

Thank you to Graham Brunton Racing for a flawless car all weekend, and to Laser Tools Racing, John Clark, and Charlie Reid for the support into GB4.